Cloud Migration Virtual Servers E-commerce solutions Website design Social Media and SEO
Cloud Migration Virtual Servers E-commerce Solutions Website design
We can migrate your current data from any environment onto a cloud based solution. Migrate to Linux – No licence fees. We build, manage and operate Virtual Server including migration from your existing Microsoft SBS servers State of the art, interactive database driven websites with full social media integration and SEO as standard inc ongoing support OpenSource fully integrated e-commerce solutions inc. payment gateways fully SEO inc support and ongoing maintenance.
Payment Gateways Social media integration Microsoft/Apple/Linux – The future Migrate to Linux
Cloud Migration Virtual Servers Future OS Website design
Start taking credit card payments from your website or e-commerce platform. Open for business 24/7/365. Develop and integrate a Social Media presence. Integrated marketing via Facebook, Twitter and list management. As Microsoft moves to a subscription service your company’s OS is a critical decision. What are the options? The web runs on Linux, Android is based on Linux and Linux is now the 3rd most used desktop OS. Why switch?