Consult, analyse, specify, implement, benefit!

ICT is a dynamic industry never more so than now. Always connected smart phone means there is no escape! Open Source code – LINUX, OpenOffice, WordPress etc have changed the way business generates and maintains it’s web presence. Cost has moved from the applications and the associated licensing costs to configuration skills and design. IGoogle and the development of Android has generated a new paradigm in business connectivity. At datumIS we stay ahead of the curve and proactively share that knowledge with our client base. .

Experience is valuable but so is innovation and a recognition that change is the one constant. Mapping business process to appropriate technology is a skill in itself. One size fits all does not apply as the same Open Source application can be configured and deployed in 1000’s of different ways – look at the theme set for WordPress. At datumIS we recognise this. Your success reflects on us and is our best marketing tool.

  • Website design
  • List/contact managment – phplist
  • Customer support desks
  • E-commerce websites
  • Project management
  • Network specification and installation
  • Service contracts